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Regular employee
Regular employee

The salary system consists of basic salary + performance salary + full service award + post allowance + welfare allowance.

Probationary employees
Probationary employees

Qualified talents who have been interviewed by the company come to work in the company. The probation period is 1-3 months. The salary during the probation period is composed of basic salary + meal allowance + full-time award.

  • 01

    The company provides lunch allowance of 20 yuan for each employee every day.

  • 02

    The company provides each employee with pre employment service age award and post employment service age award.

  • 03

    The company provides transportation subsidies for each employee.

  • 04

    The company provides health allowance for each employee.

  • 05

    According to the different positions and working nature of employees, the company will give different proportions of communication subsidies to employees every month.

  • 06

    The company organizes employees to have a physical examination and a tour every year, and organizes employees' spare time activities irregularly to create a good atmosphere of work and life.

  • 07

    The company determines to pay the year-end bonus of employees according to the annual operation status and annual performance evaluation of employees.

  • 08

    When the company meets major festivals such as the March 8th, the mid autumn and the Spring Festival, all employees will receive welfare payments.

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