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Common methods to eliminate the loss of high-speed wire

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Elimination of high-speed line loss of public substation area
When the power supply of a single public substation area is greater than the electricity sold and the line loss rate is greater than 10%, the substation area is a "high loss" area.
main cause
1. The user under the station does not realize the full coverage of acquisition.
(1) Three phase power users did not replace the smart meter.
(2) Other users did not replace the smart meter in time due to the use of card meters.
(3) There are temporary power customers using card meters or temporary power customers without meters under the platform area.
1. Accelerate the acquisition construction.
(1) Speed up the replacement progress of three-phase power meter, and make sure that it can achieve full coverage of acquisition.
(2) Accelerate the replacement progress of smart meters for other users who have not changed meters, and realize full coverage and full collection of all users in the platform area.
(3) The newly installed users, especially the temporary construction customers, must install smart meters to achieve acquisition and coverage.
2. User collection failed.
Some users under the station fail to collect, especially the users with large power consumption and three-phase power users. Once the collection fails, it may become a high loss station area.
Make up mining at fixed time and fixed point. For the users who fail to collect, a special person shall be assigned to carry out the supplementary collection work at a fixed time every day. The users who fail to collect for three consecutive days shall be checked and processed on site to improve the collection success rate.
3. User metering failure.
Due to the wrong wiring, failure and burning of the user's electric energy meter, there will be less metering and no metering, resulting in high loss area.
Strengthen the inspection of metering devices.
Regular business census shall be conducted for users, especially for three-phase power users. Users with wrong wiring shall timely rectify the wiring and make up the power quantity and replace the fault meter to ensure accurate measurement.
4. Stealing electricity.
When there is a phenomenon of stealing electricity, it will lead to the reduction of electricity sales, resulting in high loss area.
Increase anti theft power.
Combined with the collection of failed households and long-term zero degree households, regularly carry out anti stealing and default electricity use inspection, focusing on the general survey of the business and catering industry in the high loss area, especially for the users with large electricity and the users with sudden increase and decrease of electricity, and timely stop and strictly punish and rectify the default electricity use and stealing found on site.
main cause
5. The transformer transformation ratio is inconsistent with the system on site.
The transformer transformation ratio of the actual operation on site is small, while that of the marketing system maintenance is large, which leads to more metering power supply at the gateway of the station area and high loss of the station area. For example, the transformer operated on site is 50 / 5A, and the system maintenance is 100 / 5A.
On site verification. Find out the high-speed line loss area in the operation and maintenance software of power consumption information collection, derive the details of high-speed line loss area, and preliminarily determine the cause of the problem by observing the value of power supply, electricity sales and line loss rate. For the multiple relationship between the power supply and the electricity sold, it may be the ratio error. Check on site whether the transformer transformation ratio is consistent with the marketing system. If not, adjust it in the marketing system.
6. User station cluster area
main cause:
For the users who are actually connected to the power consumption in a station area, the marketing system is connected to B station area, resulting in less electricity consumption and high loss station area in a station area; and more electricity consumption in B station area may result in negative loss station area.
Conduct preliminary analysis. In the marketing system, check the meter number, multiplying power, concentrator address, terminal address, transformer capacity, number of users under the platform area one by one, and then check the number of users in the platform area in the acquisition system. If the number of users in the marketing system is not the same as that in the acquisition system, it indicates that there is a phenomenon of cross platform area, which should be checked together with the meter reading personnel, checked and found out the reasons one by one, and adjusted the users in the cross platform area in the marketing system and GIS system respectively to ensure that the relationship between the users and the substation is consistent.
7. The line does not meet the specification
The line does not conform to the specification. Because of the bad insulation, long line, thin line diameter, three-phase imbalance and other reasons, it is also another reason for high loss area.
Adjust the three-phase load in the substation area to balance the distribution, improve the safe and economic operation level of the distribution equipment, and reduce the unreasonable line loss; in case of poor line insulation, line length, line diameter, etc., timely cut and change the line and replace the aging equipment.



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