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Anti stealing skills teaching screen

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Main uses:

The anti stealing skills teaching area carries out the analysis of electricity stealing principle and the training of anti stealing methods according to the measurement methods of high power supply and high meter, high supply low meter and low supply low meter, and carries out operation demonstration training, so that students can master the theoretical knowledge of anti electricity stealing principle and anti stealing skills, and realize the training of marketing related professionals in theory and practical anti stealing work methods. It is suitable for the skill training of marketing professionals in electric power training center, various vocational and technical colleges, power supply and other departments.

Functional features:

● Teaching of basic knowledge of measurement

● Structure analysis and principle analysis of electric energy meter

● various means of stealing electricity and anti stealing methods on the scene of simulation drilling

● Human machine interface interaction

● Trinity anti stealing power training control

● The students can realize the simulation operation of stealing electricity through the light control touch technology

● Interactive training and teaching system of anti stealing technology

● The platform equipment is equipped with voltage type leakage protection board to prevent the casing from being charged


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