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Rural network marketing technology electric power marketing simulation training room

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Main uses:

The trainees check the actual electricity consumption of users in the electricity environment of the anti electricity stealing operation area, practice the actual site inspection process, improve the technical analysis ability for the new means of electricity stealing, configure the anti stealing detection equipment suitable for the new situation, and improve the anti electricity stealing ability of the measurement and electricity inspection personnel So as to improve the overall level of anti stealing skills of power marketing departments. Anti stealing operation area is a typical metering design of highly simulated 10kV lines. Through the load control system, a variety of metering faults and electricity stealing simulation are realized. The electricity stealing test is simulated in the user, the actual line loss change is simulated, and the electricity stealing area and the user's specific electricity stealing mode are located. The simulation experimental power environment is built by combining the power consumption information acquisition system and the real environment of electricity stealing.

Functional features:

The anti stealing simulation operation area is designed according to the typical measurement mode of 10kV line;
It can realize the comprehensive application of power consumption information acquisition system, setting real environment of stealing electricity and practical operation assessment system;
It can realize real-time monitoring of primary side data, pre meter data, meter data, meter box electromagnetic field, meter box door, etc;
Power stealing can trigger the camera function;
Two operation modes: local operation and remote control operation;
It has the functions of automatic selection of questions by teachers or computers; students can select questions at random, answer questions on line automatically; conduct on-line training operation; teachers can check scores online; calculate and summarize students' scores;
It can realize the simulation of electric larceny and military training operation in the measurement mode of high supply and high measurement inside and outside the house, high supply and low cost measurement inside and outside the house, residential users and small power users;
It can realize the function of martial arts competition and examination.


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