Diagnosis equipment for low voltage and special transformer users stealing electricity
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Cxh-2020i anti stealing monitoring terminal

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Main uses:

Anti larceny monitoring terminal is an easy to implement, maintenance free and low-cost solution for anti stealing power. The equipment mainly includes electric energy acquisition, power management, Beidou Positioning, edge calculation, remote communication and other functions. It can meet the requirements of private connection, high-frequency interference, DC injection and other anti stealing scenarios of special transformer users, especially for the intermittent high-tech power stealing of special transformer, It is an ideal anti stealing solution for power supply companies. It can realize line loss monitoring of line sections, collect and upload branch line current, which is used to realize load comparison of sections, analyze and judge whether there is abnormality in branches; support 24-hour real-time monitoring of power consumption, master abnormal power consumption period and law, and automatically collect and upload voltage, current, active power, power factor, cover opening record and time of three-phase watt hour meter It can automatically collect and upload the voltage, zero line current, live line current, cover opening record and time of single-phase watt hour meter. It supports communication with handheld computer and diagnosis terminal, visually displays the results of power consumption inspection, and can automatically obtain the account of concentrator metering equipment. The device is equipped with ESAM encryption chip of State Grid standard to ensure information security and support 4G communication function.

Functional features:

● Add standard ESAM encryption chip to meet the information security requirements;

● live electrical installation;

● Power supply method with self energy supply;

● The product is divided into three monitoring functions: incoming line load monitoring, meter parameter monitoring and meter box environment monitoring; incoming line load monitoring: monitoring the actual power consumption load of users; meter parameter monitoring: monitoring the secondary side power consumption data; electromagnetic field monitoring: monitoring the high frequency and strong magnetism around the meter box.


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