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Three anti stealing schemes of

In order to prevent the power stealing of the special transformer users of high-voltage power supply and high-voltage meter, the power company usually adopts the following schemes for the newly installed users: ① moving the high-voltage metering device outside (to prevent it from being difficult to enter the door during the power inspection and to prevent the metering system from being changed without permission); ② using the fully enclosed metal meter box (to prevent the meter box from being damaged illegally); ③ installing the negative control terminal (to realize the power information collection and remote monitoring); ④ using the high and low voltage Double metering

Anti stealing solution

To enhance the company's diversified market competitiveness in the main body of electricity sales: 1. External environment: ● the traditional price difference profit space is limited. ● anti theft and leakage stoppage will be an important means for high-quality development and profit maximization of power grid. ● artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies have renewed new vitality for the development of anti stealing specialty. 2. Internal environment: ● temporary, unplanned and unpredictable. ● face a shift from passive to active. ● marketing (use inspection, measurement, industry expansion, etc.), safety supervision, transportation inspection, development of multi-disciplinary coordination. 3. Social resources: ● it is difficult to steal electricity and solidify evidence. ● public security department's professional knowledge of anti stealing electricity. ● the disciplinary role of social credit system has not been played.

Electricity inspection and anti stealing methods

In view of the high-tech power stealing with high technology content, hidden crime mode and wide range of harm, the remote anti stealing center of Xinyuan green network summarized and sorted out the methods of power use inspection and anti stealing according to a large number of high-tech power stealing cases, which summarized various practical methods and effectively improved the level of marketing management. The inspection and anti stealing method of electricity use includes the following parts:

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