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Anti stealing solution

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◆ Current situation of electricity stealing and anti stealing

1、 Electricity stealing situation

1. The field of stealing electricity continues to expand - the field of power consumption spreads to the field of power generation

2. Strong concealment -- internal shunt of transformer

3. Gang and professionalization -- illegal profiteering

4. Rapid spread -- network communication

2、 Business development facing the situation

Enhance the company's diversified market competitiveness in electricity sales

1. External environment

● The traditional price difference has limited profit space
● Anti theft and plugging will be an important means of high quality development and profit maximization of power grid
● Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies have brought new vitality to the development of anti electricity stealing specialty

2. Internal environment

● temporary, unplanned and unpredictable
● Facing the change from passive to active
● Marketing (inspection, measurement, industry expansion, etc.), safety supervision, transportation inspection, development of multi professional collaboration

3. Social resources

● It is difficult to solidify evidence of stealing electricity
● Professional knowledge of public security department on anti stealing electricity
● The disciplinary role of social credit system has not been played yet

3、 Problems in work


4、 Current situation of anti stealing electricity

1. The company accelerates the construction of anti stealing power center
● In 2017, State Grid headquarters took the lead in establishing an anti stealing technology research center
● In 2018, Chongqing and other provinces and cities also began to establish provincial anti stealing power centers

2. The first domestic technical standard of anti stealing electricity has been compiled
● DL / T 2047-2019 technical specification for anti stealing equipment based on primary side current monitoring was issued and implemented
● The company's enterprise standard "technical specification for electricity inspection instrument" is being prepared
● A systematic, coordinated, applicable and forward-looking standard system is being established

3. Pilot application of anti stealing power inspection and monitoring platform
● the platform realizes standardization in business flow and data flow, and makes full use of big data analysis to provide strong support for grass-roots power inspection personnel
● At present, it has carried out pilot application in Hebei, Zhejiang and Fujian

4. Support the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things on the customer side
● The application of anti larceny warning supports the company's lean management
● Promote the incorporation of stolen users into the social credit system
● Led by Longjiang company and participated by Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and China Electric Power Research Institute

5、 Effectiveness of anti stealing electricity
● in 2018, the electricity fee recovery income was 2.094 billion yuan
● By the end of July 2019, the anti theft and anti violation revenue has reached 1.739 billion yuan, which is expected to exceed 2.5 billion yuan in the whole year


◆ Administrative measures for anti stealing electricity

1、 General

Formulation basis
In accordance with the electric power law of the people's Republic of China, the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, the contract law of the people's Republic of China, regulations on the supply and use of electric power, regulations on the protection of electric power facilities, rules for power supply business, and other laws and regulations, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the power management department

Identify electricity theft
The acts of stealing electricity include connecting electricity without authorization on the power supply facilities of power supply enterprises; using electricity by bypassing the power consumption metering devices of power supply enterprises; forging or opening the sealed power consumption metering devices of power supply enterprises; deliberately damaging the power consumption metering devices of power supply enterprises; deliberately making the electricity metering devices of power supply enterprises inaccurate or invalid; stealing electricity by other methods

Follow a principle
The anti electricity stealing work follows the principle of "compliance with the law, combination of attack and prevention, separation of investigation and punishment, and comprehensive treatment"

Main contents
The work responsibility, content and scope, investigation and punishment process, prevention of power stealing, safeguard measures, reward and punishment mechanism of the company are stipulated

Scope of application
It is applicable to the company headquarters, provincial (autonomous region, municipality) power companies (hereinafter referred to as "provincial companies"), prefectural (District, state) power supply companies (hereinafter referred to as "Prefecture companies"), county (city, district) power supply companies (hereinafter referred to as "County companies") and other related units

2、Job responsibilities

Responsibilities of headquarters and supporting organizations
The responsibilities of State Grid marketing department, State Grid law department, State Grid finance department, equipment department, science and Technology Department, publicity department, safety supervision department, Internet department, human resources department, State Grid anti stealing center, State Grid customer service center and other relevant departments were clarified

Responsibilities of provincial company
The responsibilities of relevant departments such as marketing department of provincial company, financial department of provincial company, economic and legal department of provincial company, Human Resources Department of provincial company, equipment department of provincial company, safety supervision department, publicity department, science and Information Technology Department of provincial company are specified; and it is stipulated that the provincial company shall implement the technical support responsibility of anti stealing electricity in relevant institutions according to the actual situation of the unit

Responsibilities of city and county companies
The responsibilities of the marketing department, office, finance department, transportation and inspection department, human resources, safety supervision, communication and other departments of the city / county company are clarified

Qualification of anti larceny investigation personnel
The anti larceny investigation personnel should abide by the professional ethics and work discipline; be familiar with the relevant national laws and regulations and industry standards; master the electrical professional knowledge and have the professional working knowledge of electricity inspection, measurement or marketing inspection; the anti stealing investigation and punishment personnel should receive relevant post technical training and take up the post after passing the examination

3、 Content and scope

Main contents of anti stealing electricity workEach unit shall carry out anti stealing work for customers in the power supply business area of the unit. The main contents are as follows:
(1) Publicize and implement the national laws, regulations, guidelines and policies on anti stealing electricity, as well as the relevant standards of the power industry.
(2) Combined with electricity inspection, business census, line loss control and on-site security services, carry out daily anti stealing analysis, inspection and treatment.
(3) Relying on the business information system, through big data analysis, locate the suspected customers of electricity stealing, and conduct early warning in the anti stealing inspection and monitoring platform. (4) Accept all kinds of electric larceny clues such as report, transfer and transfer, investigate and deal with suspected electricity stealing cases, and timely feed back the handling results.
(5) Research and development, promotion and application of new technology and equipment for anti stealing and preventing electricity stealing.
(6) Relying on the construction of social credit system, the dishonest behavior of electricity stealing customers is included in the credit reference system.
(7) We will improve the cooperation and linkage mechanism between the government and enterprises, the police and enterprises, and so on.
(8) Carry out anti stealing technology training, standards and other related work.

Main scope of anti stealing power inspectionThe main scope of anti stealing power inspection is the customer's electric energy metering device, as well as the electrical equipment, connecting cable and operation mode that may cause inaccurate or invalid electric energy measurement.

4、 Prevent electricity stealing

Strengthen the technical research on anti stealing and preventing stealing electricity
All units should strengthen the technical research on anti stealing and preventing electricity stealing, actively promote the transformation of achievements, increase the promotion and application efforts according to the company's new technology promotion management process, and reduce the risk of electricity theft

Carry out the experimental research on simulated stealing electricity
All units should carry out the experimental study of simulated electricity stealing, simulate, test and verify the possible means of stealing electricity, and grasp the attack and defense technology of electricity stealing in time

Typical cases of organizational analysis
All units shall timely organize and analyze the typical cases of large-scale and new-type electricity stealing discovered by their own units, study and refine the technology and management measures for preventing power stealing at the source, and organize pilot and promotion

Actively promote the anti stealing function equipment
All units should actively promote the loop status inspection instrument and RFID electronic seal in the process of business expansion and installation, develop and apply new meter box (metering cabinet) and intelligent lock with anti stealing function, and strengthen the replacement of key suspected power stealing areas or customers

Actively promote the anti stealing function equipment
All units should actively promote the loop status inspection instrument and RFID electronic seal in the process of business expansion and installation, develop and apply new meter box (metering cabinet) and intelligent lock with anti stealing function, and strengthen the replacement of key suspected power stealing areas or customers

5、 Safeguard measures

Establishing the responsibility system of anti stealing electricityAccording to the grid management requirements, each unit shall establish and improve the anti stealing responsibility system of customer managers and station area managers, and carry out daily on-site inspection and evidence collection in combination with the work of line loss control in the substation area

Equipped with anti stealing equipment
All units should provide the anti larceny inspectors with on-site anti stealing equipment for investigating and dealing with electricity stealing and recording and obtaining evidence, and promote the application of new technology and equipment in view of the change of means of stealing electricity

Set up a team of anti stealing experts
Each unit should establish an expert team of anti stealing electricity to form excellent achievements through research, task tackling and field diagnosis, so as to promote the overall improvement of anti stealing power level

Organize anti stealing skills training
The State Grid anti stealing center and provincial companies should organize anti stealing skills training every year, regularly carry out skills competition, special experience exchange, on-site meeting, etc., to continuously improve the business level of anti power stealing personnel

6、 Supplementary Provisions

Explain and supervise the execution unit
The measures shall be interpreted and supervised by the State Grid marketing department

Include attachments
1. Flow chart of anti power stealing investigation and treatment
2. Work sheet for power consumption inspection
3. Notice of electricity inspection results
4. Notice of payment for recovery of electricity charge and use of electricity in breach of contract

◆ Anti stealing equipment and typical application scenarios

1、 Standardization

DL / t2047-2019 "technical specification for anti stealing equipment based on primary side current monitoring" will be released and implemented in 2019.

● Functional requirements

Monitoring methods
The three-phase current data is monitored by the current acquisition module installed in the primary side and sent to the data receiving module.
The data receiving module calculates the primary side apparent power and compares it with the apparent power monitored by the metering point. If the relative error of the apparent power exceeds the set threshold, it is determined that there is power stealing or metering abnormality.

● Communication requirements

1. Communication data
Send monitoring data, event records and other information according to the set rules;
All data and parameters are set with safety protection measures.

2. Communication mode
The data receiving module has uplink communication interface of power wireless private network or public communication network;
The data receiving module has local communication interfaces such as power line carrier and RS485;
Micro power wireless communication mode is adopted between data receiving module and current acquisition module.

3. Communication channel
The module design should be adopted for the communication components of the uplink communication network. After the communication components are replaced or removed, the performance and operation parameters of the equipment itself shall not be affected;
When changing the communication network, only the communication components and software configuration should be replaced, not the whole equipment;
It can be configured with narrow band or high speed carrier module;
The micro power wireless communication should adopt the special frequency band of civil radio;
Each communication interface shall be equipped with failure protection circuit, which shall be electrically isolated from the internal circuit of the equipment.

4. Communication protocol
The communication protocol of equipment shall follow DL / T 698.45 or DL / T 645 communication protocol.

5. Communication protocol and power information acquisition terminal communication
The data receiving module can receive the call test from the power information acquisition terminal and upload the monitoring data, event records and other information.

● Information security requirements

general requirements

The information security of equipment data transmission shall meet the relevant requirements of article 7.5 of DL / T 1527-2016.

safety protection

The equipment shall adopt the hardware security module approved by the State Password Administration to realize data encryption and decryption, and the hardware security module shall support symmetric cryptographic algorithm and asymmetric cryptographic algorithm approved by the State Password Administration.

Safety media

The current acquisition module and data receiving module should be embedded in the hardware security module for information exchange security authentication. Parameter setting and information reading of data receiving module are carried out through solid or virtual media. Data transmission should be through the hardware security module for security authentication, data encryption and decryption processing to ensure the security and integrity of data transmission.

Encryption and decryption algorithm

The hardware security module approved by the State Password Administration shall be adopted in the equipment to realize security authentication and data protection. The hardware security module shall be integrated with symmetric cipher algorithm and asymmetric cryptographic algorithm approved by the State Password Administration

Encryption and decryption algorithm

Before the data exchange between the two sides of the communication, the security module and password technology shall be used for security authentication; the two sides of the communication shall adopt the security module and password technology to protect the integrity of the current data, timing data and parameter setting transmission of the equipment, and the symmetric cryptographic algorithm and asymmetric cryptographic algorithm approved by the State Encryption administration shall be adopted

2、 Anti stealing truth table

Logicalization of uncertainty / simplification of complex problems / standardization of disordered operations

3、 Anti stealing monitoring terminal

The current acquisition module is connected to the 10kV ~ 35kV primary side power line, which can collect and store the primary side current data and has communication encryption function.

● The current acquisition module monitors the primary current and transmits it to the data receiving module through wireless communication.
● The data receiving module communicates with the secondary side meter, records and monitors the voltage circuit and current circuit in real time, and records and stores abnormal phenomena such as under voltage, voltage loss, shunt, open circuit, phase shift, strong magnetic interference, high frequency interference, etc.
● The data receiving module monitors the actual load and metering load once. When the deviation is greater than the customized value, the user's power load is abnormal. At this time, the data is recorded and stored.

4、 Field operation of anti stealing electricity

General idea

Modular adaptive peripheral

● Innovation: integrated multi parameter comprehensive test

Typical cases of application scenarios

1. Remote control, namely, the temporary removal of people


For wireless remote control, temporary connection and immediate removal, the metering circuit of power inspection personnel is normal when they are on site. At this time, the anti stealing monitoring terminal is installed to let it run automatically for about two weeks, and then go to the site for inspection again. Through the auxiliary research and judgment function, the proportion, location and means of stealing electricity are determined.

Step 1: install the auxiliary forensics unit.
The second step: the electricity detector reads the data of the auxiliary forensics unit, studies and judges the means of stealing electricity, and locks the position of stealing electricity.
The third step: Police electricity linkage, according to the monitoring information to find evidence of stealing electricity.

"Wireless remote control" electricity stealing inspection

Step 1: install anti stealing monitoring terminal

The second step: the electricity detector reads the monitoring data and analysis results of the auxiliary forensics unit, determines the power stealing proportion and means, and assists in seizing the evidence of power stealing.

2. Metering circuit of high-voltage power supply and high-voltage meter: exchange the current in and out line of transformer, and install remote control short-circuit power stealing on the back of junction box

Circuit inspection of high voltage power supply and altimeter

Change the normal wiring of the secondary circuit of the watt hour meter and change the normal phase angle between the voltage and current of the watt hour meter, resulting in the meter counting less, not counting or counting back, thus stealing electricity.        

Circuit inspection of high voltage power supply and altimeter


3. Metering circuit of high power supply and low metering: inject DC to steal electricity, and add energy-saving cabinet to steal power in main circuit

"Injected DC" power stealing inspection

Influence of DC component on current transformer

(1) DC rectifier, DC inverter and so on.
(2) The DC component produced by half wave rectification.
Some large-scale heating equipment uses "DC injection" to rectify the AC half wave, and the energy-saving effect can reach 30% ~ 70%. In essence, it is the stealing electricity behavior by using the technical defects of current transformer.

● CT1: common current transformer, 500A / 5A, class 0.2S
● CT2: composite core current transformer, 500A / 5A, class 0.2S
● AC current: 100A


The internal circuit principle of the energy-saving cabinet is a three-phase half wave rectifier circuit, which transforms the sine wave current into half wave current. The DC signal in the half wave signal attacks the transformer in the current sampling circuit of the watt hour meter, which causes the measurement error of the transformer due to the core saturation.

4. Metering circuit of the multiplier meter: short circuit the output of the secondary side of the transformer and the resistance in the meter to steal electricity

Measurement inspection of multiplier meter - short circuit of secondary circuit of transformer

The electric larceny achieves the purpose of stealing electricity by short connecting the terminal of current transformer. The stealing way is relatively simple and belongs to a kind of shunt method. The wires of current terminals of transformer are short connected together behind the baffle plate or other parts, resulting in the electric energy meter not counting or counting less electricity.

5. Metering circuit of through meter: short circuit the secondary current line of transformer in the meter and change the power stealing of crystal oscillator in the meter

Measurement inspection of through meter - change of sampling circuit in meter

Private modification of the sampling resistance in the watt hour meter makes the meter negative error, the current value collected by the meter is smaller than the actual value, and the measured electric energy will be less than the actual electric energy.



改动锰铜分流器接线,锰铜分流器接线位置被改变或加装铜线后,减少了分流器的电阻使分流采样电压比原来减小 ,对应的电流、功率、电能减小。



电能表的电流线圈无电流通过或只通过部分电流, 从而达到少计量电量的目的窃电方法。



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